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Professional Voice Care, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Normal vocal folds - partially open
Normal vocal folds - completely closed
Mild thickening of the vocal folds
Bilateral vocal fold nodules
Bilateral vocal fold cyst
Bilateral vocal fold pseudocysts
Bilateral sulcus vocalis
Vocal fold cancer
Bilateral vocal fold polypoid corditis
Left vocal fold polyp
Left vocal fold subepithelial cyst
Left false vocal fold granuloma
Left vocal fold hemorrhage
Right vocal fold intracordal cyst
Right vocal fold scar from intubation injury
Left vocal fold shortening and subglottic narrowing from intubation injury
Bilateral vocal fold papilloma
Laryngeal papillomas
Left vocal fold polyp
Left vocal fold polyp
Subglottic stenosis
Ulcerative laryngitis from steroid inhaler use
Laryngeal thrush/ulcertaive laryngitis from steroid inhaler use
Right vocal fold hemorrhage
Resolving right vocal fold hemorrhage
Bilateral vocal fold polyps
Bilateral laryngoceles
Fibrotic hemorrhagic vocal fold polyp
Right subepithelial vocal fold cyst
Glottic stenosis
Vocal process granuloma
Left vocal fold hemorrhagic polyp
Anterior glottic web from gunshot wound to larynx
Right vocal fold squamous cell carcinoma
Right vocal fold mucosal tear from coughing
Right vocal fold hemorrhagic polyp
Right vocal fold hemorrhagic polyp
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