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Professional Voice Care
Professional voice care is the comprehensive care of those who use their voice in their profession. 
It includes the treatment of difficulties with the voice such as:
HoarsenessVocal strain
Voice breaks      Difficulties with register transititions
Decreased rangeBreathiness
Effortful talking           Effortful singing
Vocal fatigue      Raspiness
Services Offered
Complex Voice AnalysisVocal fold phonomicrosurgery
Flexible laryngoscopy    Microflap surgery
Laryngeal videostroboscopy         Thyroplasty 
Neurolaryngeal evaluation     Microflap surgery
Laryngeal electromyography         Vocal fold medialization
Objective voice measurement               Vocal fold Collagen injections
Laryngeal airflow measurement            Vocal fold Fat injections
Voice Surgery     Pulsed dye laser surgery 
Vocal fold Botox injections     Airway (laryngotracheal)
Singing voice analysis  reconstruction
Speaking voice analysis       Arytenoid reduction
Acting voice analysis     Vocal fold scar revision
Voice Restoration  Papilloma surgery
Aging Voice Surgery            Laryngeal reinnervation
Voice Rejuvenation      Laryngeal cancer surgery
Botulinum toxin injection      Laryngeal conservation (cancer)
Treatment of vocal fold hemorrhage      CO2 laser surgery
Treatment of vocal fold nodules     Laryngeal framework surgery
Treatment of vocal fold cysts Laryngeal fracture repair
Treatment of vocal fold polyps              Laryngeal stenosis surgery
Treatment of vocal fold paralysis  Voice restoration
Speaking voice therapySinging Voice Therapy 
Do you have questions about your ear, nose, or throat problem?
Preventative Voice Care

Preventative voice care  involves the maintenance of laryngeal health through routine and baseline laryngeal examinations, voice analysis, and treatment of all medical conditions that can affect the voice such as allergies, reflux, and sinus disease.  For those who use their voice in their professions, such preventative care will help to maintain good vocal health and will optimize vocal performance and longevity of the voice. 

Services offered

Laryngeal stroboscopy
Laryngeal electromyography
Complex voice analysis
Singing voice analysis
Speaking voice analysis
Acting voice analysis

Treatment of Airway Disorders

The treatment of airway disorders involves the comprehensive treatment of medical problems affecting breathing in the upper airway, including laryngospasm, vocal cord dysfunction, paradoxical vocal fold motion, sleep apnea, laryngeal stenosis, airway scarring, glottic webs, subglottic stenosis, tracheotomy care, tracheomalacia, radiation effeccts on the larynx, and other problems in the larynx that affect breathing.

It includes treatment of patients with:

Shortness of breath with exercise
Shortness of breath with singing
Sudden breaks in ability to breathe
Choking with eating
Choking with drinking
Difficulty breathing lying flat
Noisy breathing
Intermittent breaks in breathing while sleeping
Loud snoring
Chronic cough
Phlegm in the throat
Chronic throat clearing

Services offered

Airway reconstruction
Sleep apnea surgery
Tracheotomy care
Treatment of Swallowing Disorders

The treatment of swallowing disorders includes the comprehensive treatment of medical problems affecting swallowing, including vocal fold paralysis, reflux laryngitis, cricopharyngeal diverticulum, cricopharyngeal muscle spasm, thrush, esophageal stenosis, and other disorders in the larynx and/or esophagus that can affect swallowing.

It includes treatment of patients with:

Difficulty swallowing
A sensation of something stuck in the throat
Choking with swallowing
Pain with swallowing
Chronic phlegm in the throat
Chronic throat clearing
A lump in the throat

Services offered

24 hour impedance testing
Esophageal manometry
Esophageal dilataion
Botox injections
Treatment of reflux disease
Treatment of thrush
Treatment of esophageal dysmotility
Cricopharyngeal myotomy
Cricopharyngeal Botox injections
Cricopharyngeal diverticulectomy/diverticulotomy
General Otolaryngology Care

General otolaryngology care includes the comprehensive care of medical problems affecting the ear, nose, throat, and head and neck region.

This includes the treatment of patients who are having difficulties with:

Tonsil infections
Sinus infections
Nasal polyps
Septal deviation
Difficulty breathing through the nose
Sleep apnea
Sore throat
Chronic cough
Tonsil stones (tonsilliths)
Thyroid hormone problems
Thyroid nodules
Thyroid tumors
Parathyroid problems
Parathyroid tumors
Neck masses
Swollen glands
Salivary gland problems
Parotid tumors
Throat cancer
Laryngeal cancer
Tongue cancer
Tonsil cancer
Mouth cancer

Services offered

Sinus surgery
Medical management of sinusitis
Treatment of allergy
Sleep apnea surgery
Snoring surgery
Medical management of ear infections
Surgical treatment of ear infections
Treatment of tonsil problems
Medical treatment of thyroid problems
Thyroid surgery
Parathyroid surgery
Biopsy of neck masses
Neck dissection
Head and neck cancer surgery
Laryngeal preservation (for cancer)
Parotid surgery
Salivary surgery
Medical treatment of salivary disorders
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